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Discovering Asian Pastry Meditation

When baking is more than an art

The hardest thing for baking enthusiasts is to be innovative and to come up with new and interesting ideas. In the past, the cookbook was the best option. There were also many contests and cooking shows, but they didn't always produce the desired results. The emergence of the internet has changed the situation. Thanks to blogs and sites like YouTube, it's now possible not only to learn about baking, but also to find incredible ideas.

Pastry and culture

Looking at the videos of different bloggers, every corner of the world has its preferences for baking, and this is not surprising given the profound influence of culture on cooking. European blogger sites are very classic. They feature pastries that could have been seen in any pastry shop in the 19th and 20th centuries. The trend is towards traditionalism. North American bloggers are mostly off the beaten track. The stranger and more eccentric the bakery, the better. Asians stand out from the crowd.

Asian pastry, the art of refinement in all its forms

Between the overly classicism of European bloggers and the overflowing imagination of American bloggers, there's a third category of bloggers right in the middle: Asian bloggers. They are both as traditional as the Europeans, but also as avant-garde as the American bloggers. To complete the picture, they bring a typically Asian flavour to the whole. Watching them prepare is like attending a meditation session. You only realise the level of complexity when you try to repeat the recipe yourself. This is ideal both for learning about baking and for coming up with ingenious ideas.

Baking time is also crucial if you'd like to get the best results. Make sure you set a timer so you don't undercook or overcook your food. That way, you can even switch to something else, such as play games online (you can view a list of casino sites where you can do this for free here), without forgetting about your latest creation in the oven!